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AP Window Co.

Family Owned & Operated

AP Window Co. was born out of a desire to better serve the communities we’ve grown to love. We are family-owned & live locally, so naturally we feel a tremendous sense of responsibility in building better, and more beautiful neighborhoods! Prior to AP Window Co. we sold and installed thousands of windows and doors for corporate giants; we bring this expertise & quality of a well-oiled machine, coupled with family-like atmosphere.

At AP Window Co. we strive to build on people’s, “dream remodel,” and recognize that when it comes down to the wire, some options make more sense than others. While we are a Pella & Andersen Certified Contractor, and believe we can bring you beautiful Pella & Andersen windows/doors for less than our competitors, we also understand some visions or budgets require a different solution. This is why we offer multiple high-quality options to every customer so they can make the best decision for their project. Rest assured, all we do are windows and doors from start-to-finish, so we typically have a solution! Whether you’re replacing defective windows in a rental, or investing in your forever home, we provide quality options and expertise that rise to any occasion. We’re not a one size fits all company, we’re here to make your dreams a reality!

Many companies have a product to sell or a quota to reach, here at AP Window Co. our objective is to help you achieve your own goal! With years of insightful consulting, designing, and bringing to fruition, we are prepared to deliver your expectations, or guide you to, “what could be!” We look forward to serving you, your family, and your neighbors, and help you all, “see your world more clearly.”

Options for Everyone

Our philosophy is to approach each home and project with an experience we would recommend to our family and close friends. When we come for an in-home consultation, we will present the products and options you find yourself aligning with for your investment, and will be prepared to start the project should you choose to.

Most in-home sales are filled with “negotiations,” and the cheesy “let me call my manager,” schpeels. These are sales tactics that work well for the business but take advantage of people’s, “fear of missing out.” If you want to do business with AP Window Co., the price given will be based off the current marketing offer. We aren’t going to “act,” like a promotion is about to expire, or “act” like we’re calling a manager to negotiate. It’s possible we won’t be able to get back to you in the exact timeframe you’re hoping for should you need time to decide, but this would just come down to time management and availability. So here it is, a level of transparency you deserve, there really is no sales pitch! We just genuinely look forward to showing you your options and letting you decide.

Why Choose Us?

Family Owned and Operated

No over-marketing.
No confusing discounts.
Just local pro's that you can trust.

Affordable Financing Plans

85% of our applicants are approved in 90 seconds or less!

In-House Professional Installers

From our initial design consultation to the installation, you're only dealing with AP Window Co.

Options for Every Budget

Vinyl - $
Fibrex® - $$
Fiberglass - $$$
Wood Clad - $$$($)